Let’s see what our children have been up to this week:


The story of the week in Nursery has been "The Tiger Who Came to Tea". The children have really enjoyed this book. In the home corner the children have had the opportunity to wear character hats, to act out the parts of Sophie, Mum, Dad and the Tiger. They have also enjoyed making excellent stripy pictures by drawing with felt tip pens, painting and using scraps of orange and black paper. This week at the playdough table, the children have been making 'cakes' just in case the Tiger came to Hamilton. This led to a discussion about what the children would do if the Tiger did appear. One child said they would give him his dinner and another said they would hide because tigers are scary! In their Maths learning, the number of the week has been "four". The children have been exploring the Numicon by finding four tigers and making four block towers on the light box. The Nursery stars have been practising their harvest song ready to sing for you at the church - some children didn't know what a church was so their teachers found pictures of a church on the internet and watched a short clip about the inside of a church. What a great week in Nursery!


The Dalmatians story focus this week has been ‘A Piece of Cake’. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this story and have enjoyed doing lots of writing from this text, including speech bubbles. In Maths, the children have been comparing quantities and focusing on mathematical language in order to be confident and secure when using using language in maths. Now that autumn is upon us, the children have also been creative. They have made leaf people and fingerprint trees, their artwork is brilliant! The Dalmatian children have also been working hard on embedding basic skills such as counting and name writing. We use all opportunities throughout the day to do this and the children are making super progress with these skills. Don’t forget to keep working on these at home!


This week the Dinosaurs have enjoyed reading Dear Zoo. The children have loved joining in on their favourite parts. In their English learning, the children have been inspired by the book and have been writing an informative piece of text to help anyone that wants or has a dog. They called their helpful guide, ‘How to look after a dog’. The children have heard lots of new vocabulary this week to make them fantastic writers, such as titles and bullet points. They have even been able to use these skills in their writing. The Dinosaurs have also written full sentences, using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Their teachers are so impressed! Furthermore, in Power Maths, the children have been learning all about addition. Their improving knowledge of the part whole model has helped the children to find the answers easily! Soon the children will be moving on to subtraction. Can your child already use their knowledge of the part whole model, to work out how to write a subtraction number sentence? In Topic this week, the children have been learning more about Harvest and why our Harvest thanksgiving at the Church next week is important. The children can’t wait to sing a song for their grown-ups!


This week in English the Incredibles have been learning about non-fiction texts. The children have enjoyed working in small groups exploring non-fiction texts and beginning to think about the features of non-fiction texts. Can you ask your child what we will find in a non-fiction text? In Maths, the children have learned lots of new strategies to help them to add

and subtract numbers. The children have worked hard to use column addition and subtraction when solving problems and have even started to 'exchange'! Keep it up! In topic this week’s learning challenge is 'Why do humans live in houses?' The children have looked at lots of different houses around the world and discussed the materials that different houses are made from giving reasons for their answers. The children also took part in a debate and gave reasons about the most important room in their house. The children gave some very interesting ideas! In Design and Technology, the Incredibles then designed a room of their own and made it using reclaimed materials. What a busy week!


As always, we thank you for your ongoing support and for sending your child to school in the correct uniform with their water bottle, reading book and diary.


We hope you enjoy your weekend and we look forward to welcoming you to the Harvest Thanksgiving on Thursday 17th October at 10:00am, St Matthews Church.


Very best wishes,

Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Glaister & Mrs Robinson