Welcome back to the summer term. We hope you all had a fantastic Easter holidays. The children have had all had a busy 1st week back at school getting back into their routines and seeing their friends and teachers. Year one enjoyed a WOW visit from ‘Meet the Creature’ where they had the opportunity to see and handle a range of animals in preparation for their exciting, new topic this term. We’ve also enjoyed some lovely sunshine and hope it continues. Let’s see what learning the children have enjoyed this week.

The Nursery children have had a fantastic first week back at school. They have shown super friendship skills and have been very caring towards the new children in Fantasia this week, helping them to settle in. The children have started to explore our new topic with the help of Mr Bloom. Now that the sun has finally arrived, the children were able to go on an adventure around the school grounds to look for signs of Spring. The children were brilliant at talking about what they could see and how or why it had changed. Following on from this the children looked at their baby photographs that they have brought in from home and talked about how they had changed. It’s amazing how much they have grown and how independent they are all becoming! As part of maths this week, the children used the language of size to say which of their friends were tall or short. Marvellous Mickey Motivation Fantasia – well done!

The children in Reception have had a lovely first week back after the holidays. The Dalmatians sniffed out lots of clues left by some mysterious visitors - they found a trail of straw, some twigs and some bricks. They used their Goofy Gumption to conclude they were left by The Three Little Pigs! They have loved learning the story using Talk 4 Writing. The Little pigs also appeared in maths where children were helping to share resources between 2 and 3 pigs. Can your child do this at home? They concluded the week with another super Forest School session.

It's the first week of the Summer Term and for the children in Year One, that means the introduction of another brand new exciting topic! The children were greeted with some very strange sights as they explored a range of leaves branches, animal fur and even paw prints in their classrooms. Being the fantastic detectives we already know our Dinosaurs to be, they discovered that it was all part of our "All Creatures Great and Small" Topic. That's not all! The children also had the opportunity to meet a special visitor from 'Meet a Creature' and handle a variety of different animals, such as lizards, snakes and even a tarantula! The animal theme has continued throughout the week as the children have really 'got their claws' stuck into their English learning. They have been learning to use capital letters when using proper nouns, especially when giving their favourite animals some toad-ally magnificent names! In maths, the children have been using number lines to solve a variety of addition problems which proved to be a 'roaring' success! Science lessons have consisted of exploring the different types of animals around the world and our 'eagle-eyed' Dinosaurs have been classifying and sorting animals into groups of 'mammals', 'birds' and 'amphibians'. It has been a fantastic week, jam-packed with exciting experiences for our children and we can bear-ly contain our excitement with what next week may bring too!

Year Two have had a tree-mendous first week back after half term. The children were left stumped and in disbeleaf when they came into school to find that a mys-tree character had left clues around their classrooms. As always, Year Two were determined to find the root of the mys-tree and found that ‘the man’ from The Great Kapok Tree had visited their classrooms to launch their new topic based on the book, The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. In maths, the children have been learning to find fractions of a quantity using objects found in the rainforest to support them. We are certain that the children will continue to branch out and impress their teachers even more this half term. Well done Year Two, keep it up!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister, Miss Bromley and Mrs Robinson