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W.E. 14.5.21

Happy Friday everyone! Our superstars at Hamilton Academy have been working hard again this week across the school as they continue on their learning journey. This week, there is a buzz in the air as the children make their final preparations for Sports Day! Don’t forget to check the newsletter for more information on which day your child will be competing. You can find this on the school website or on the School Story on ClassDojo. Don’t forget to also check your ClassDojo messages for more on which colour t-shirt your child needs to wear on the day. Which team are you cheering for; yellow, red, blue or green? We are also all very excited for our ‘Disney Dress Up’ day on Thursday 20th May! The teachers are excitedly preparing their outfits for the day and we cannot wait to see all of the children in their amazing outfits. Not only that, but the children have a super special menu on our dress up day too. Next week will certainly be a very exciting week for all of the children!

For now, let’s travel back in time to see what the children across the school have been up to this week…

The Nursery children were very excited to see that the cocoons had opened and from them popped out 4 beautiful butterflies. They have really enjoyed being immersed in the mini-beast topic. It was lovely to see the children’s faces when they set the butterflies free to find a new home. They have learnt lots of new vocabulary linked to the butterflies such as metamorphosis, emerged and chrysalis. It is great to hear the children using this language in their learning. In maths the children have been measuring worms to see which was the longest and shortest. They even made the school our own wormery! The children helped to build the wormery and we had some very enthusiastic volunteers to help find the worms to go inside. The Nursery children learnt lots of facts about worms. They have 10 hearts and they have no bones! Ask your child to tell you all about them. Another fantastic week in Nursery. Well done!

The Reception superstars have all had a super week that has been full of magical learning! The children have been retelling the story of The Very Busy Spider and they have made their own story maps in preparation for their writing next week. The children have worked hard to use their expression when retelling their stories and they have grown in confidence throughout the week. Goofy would be proud of all the children this week in maths for using their gumption to consolidate counting out a number on a tens frame and seeing how many different ways they can make the number five on a part-part whole model. In their art lessons this week, the children have been exploring different textures in paint! The children described how the textures looked, we are certain that we have some future artists in Reception! It’s been a busy week in Reception and we look forward to more magical learning next week.

The Dinosaur children have had another ROAR-some week. In English, the children have been learning all about non-chronological reports. They have been learning how they are full of facts and the children have used their knowledge of penguins to create a ‘box up’. This is similar to their story maps for writing. Take a look at the Year One ClassDojo stories to see the ‘box up’ that the class completed together. Can your child talk you through the class ‘box up’? In their maths learning this week, the children have been using their knowledge of numbers, digits and place value to compare numbers up to 100! The children could identify the tens and ones columns and even use greater than and less than signs to compare two large quantities! What great mathematicians we have in Year One! In their topic this week, the children have continued to move to the pulse of music and they have really enjoyed listening to ‘Rappers Delight’ through our Charanga music scheme! The children could share the genre of the song and compared the song to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and their main song for their current unit ‘Hey You!’ The children have also been learning about how knowing where the equator is can help us to identify whether a place is likely to be hot or cold! The children knew that Antarctica is far away from the equator and that it is VERY cold there! The children have also continued to develop their computing skills, by learning to type their name and making the font smaller and larger. The children have really thrived this week in Year One, well done Dinosaurs! Your teachers are extremely proud of you all!

What fantastic authors we have in Y2! In English this week, the children have innovated the story 'Traction Man' by creating their very own superhero. The children wowed their teachers with their imaginative ideas and have wrote amazing, innovated stories using lots of Y2 writing skills. Don't forget to check your child's Class Dojo page for some examples of the children's amazing stories! In maths the children have continued their learning of fractions. The Incredibles have blown their teachers socks off with their super understanding of finding one quarter and one third of a shape or quantity. Can your child share with you strategies of how to find one third of 12? In Design and Technology the children have continued with their learning of Traction Man and have designed a cape using materials that are strong and waterproof. The children then brought their ideas to life and created their very own Traction Man using a range of tools and materials. The children can't wait to test the suitability of their capes next week! In PE the Incredibles have been practising their sports day races in preparation for the big event next week! Please check ClassDojo for further information regarding sports day.

Another fantastic week all round. Boys and girls give yourselves a 1, 2, 3 well done me, for all of your hard work and MAGIC attitudes throughout the week.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Mrs Giles well as she will be starting her maternity leave today. We can’t wait to hear the exciting news of Baby Giles’ arrival in a few weeks’ time. We will keep you all updated! Thank you Mrs Giles. The boys, girls and staff will miss you whist you are away. Enjoy your special time with your family J Not to worry though, the children with be continuing their amazing learning journey in Reception with Miss Salmon.

We can’t wait to see what next week has in store,

Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Mrs Robinson