Our final week of the first half of Spring term has come to an end and what a half term it’s been! We would like to thank you for all of your continued support and engagement with our academy and thank you for such a fabulous turn out at parents evening this week. If you haven’t yet met with your child’s teacher please make an appointment to see them as soon as possible so that they can share your child’s learning and progress with you. Let’s find out what MAGIC learning the Hamilton children have been up to this week…

This week our fabulous Fantasia stars have been ‘Flippin’ Fantastic. They have been flipping pancakes and cheering each other on in our ‘Great pancake race’. We learnt about what ingredients were needed to make pancakes and tasted them with delicious toppings. Children enjoyed using heart shaped beads to match numeral to quantity. They counted the heart cards out of a pack of real playing cards, matching the correct amount of hearts to the numbers on the cards. The children enjoyed learning about Chinese New year, using role-play to explore Chinese food and customs. They counted how many coins they had in their lucky envelopes and found the matching Numicon tile. They are becoming super mathematicians. Well done Fantasia stars!

The Dalmatians in reception have had a very busy week - they've enjoyed reading instructions to make their own pancakes. In the afternoon they then got to taste them, choosing their favourite toppings. What does your child like on theirs? The children extended their learning when they read Mr Wolf's Pancakes. They loved reading about all the different characters - can your child remember any? In maths, children enjoyed Valentine’s Day when they practised finding more, using love hearts. Can your child remember how to add two numbers together? They also continued with the theme of valentines when they used their ICT skills to draw a picture of someone they love. Afterwards they used their literacy skills to write about who they drew and why they love them. 

It has been yet another week of non-stop magical learning in the Dinosaur classes, especially with the introduction of a brand new topic in maths! The children have been exploring capacity and investigating how much liquid different containers can hold. Our 'pint-sized' pupils have been 'brimming' with brilliance as they have used vocabulary such as millilitres and litres to describe the capacity of different containers in order to make a yummy drink for Zog! In English, the children have been using the -ing suffix to change the meaning of verbs, leaving their teachers 'overflowing' with pride at their marvellous writing. Topic lessons have been 'filled' with fun, particularly in history as the children have been learning about features of defence in a castle, even constructing their own castles using various materials. Year one have also taken part in a special day linked to their 'Time Travellers' topic. But don't take our word for it, read what one of our children wrote to Mrs Glaister about their experience:

Dear Mrs Glaister,

On Friday, we have had a Knights and Princesses Day! We have been dressing up and we have had a fantastic day! First, were playing medieval music and doing our own dance. Then we went back to our classroom to make crowns for our party. Finally, we were eating lots of yummy food at our medieval banquet.

From Dinosaur Class.

On behalf of the Year one team, we would like to congratulate our Dinosaurs on a raw-some half term and hope they and their grown-ups get lots of rest ahead of more of the same next half term!

This week our super Incredibles have enjoyed writing a diary account of the Great Fire of London. They used their imagination to describe the scene using their senses. They even used exclamation sentences! In maths they have continued to tell the time and have used money to buy items from Thomas Farriner's bakery. They used a variety of coins to find the correct amount and were challenged to make the amount in different ways. But, the highlight of the week was the Great Fire of Hamilton! There were some sad faces when the children realised their beautifully designed houses were going to be burned. The excitement soon took over and children watched transfixed (from a safe distance and with many warnings about fire safety) as the flames took hold. With buckets of water at the ready the 'street' was soon reduced to ash. We are sure that the children will remember the re-enactment for a long time.

We hope that you all have a lovely half term break. See you back at Hamilton on Monday 26th February 2018.

Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Miss Bromley