W.E. 17.09.21

Another MAGICal week has passed at Hamilton Academy and the children have been WOWing their teachers with their amazing work every day! Throughout the school the children are demonstrating their ready, respectful and safe behaviours all of the time… We hope that you are seeing this at home too! Please be on the lookout in your Class Dojo messages next week for your upcoming parent’s evening time slots. You will be provided with a time frame in which to expect your call on a given day within the week commencing 4th October 2021. All of the teachers are looking forward to sharing with you all about how the children have settled in to their new classes.

With a swish and a flick of our MAGIC wands, let’s take a look at the fantastic learning that the children have been completing this week…

The Nursery children have blown us all away this week. They have now finished their transition and they have smoothly settled into school. The children have really enjoyed getting to know their new friends. It has been lovely to hear them chatting and laughing as they play. This week they have been learning the song, 'We can build a little house'. The Nursery children have been using loose parts to make a face and they even named the features. In the construction area, the children have been building houses and talking about who lives in their house. In maths, the children have been counting how many children are in Nursery each day. They have also been learning their new morning/days of the week song. Next week the children in Nursery will be starting their Forest school sessions. We know that the children will enjoy them as much as their teachers do! A big WHOOSH to our Nursery children!

The children in the Dalmatian Class have continued their super learning into their second week.  They have been sharing who is in their family and they have been drawing representations of this.  The children have been introduced to the stories, ‘Perfectly Norman, ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and as part of their talk for writing the children have started to orally retell ‘The Little Red Hen’. What a busy time they are having! The children have had their first session of forest schools and they have been focusing on finding ‘3’ objects. They were super imaginative with the items on the forest school field!  The children have also enjoyed learning many rhymes including ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ as part of their ESB sessions. Great work Dalmatians!

The children have another brilliant week in the Dinosaurs class this week. They have continued their learning about ‘The Gingerbread Man’ as they have been retelling the story using actions and their story map. What is your child's favourite part of the story? In maths they have been continuing their understanding of numbers to 10; representing these numbers in different ways, counting out correct quantities and writing numbers correctly. Can your child remember what a digit is? In science, the children have been doing some fantastic work. They have been identifying and sorting animals into groups of mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds. Can your child remember any of the animals belonging to those groups? What a great week dinosaurs, keep it up!

The Monsters Inc children have also had a wonderful week. Their learning on ‘The Gingerbread Man’ has come to an end and the children have really impressed their teachers with their first ever application write! Wit woo, check you Monsters Inc! The Year One children have written sentences from the story map using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and the Year Two children have been writing noun phrases within their story writing! In maths this week the children have been working hard to represent numbers. They have used their equipment to make a range of numbers and they have even been writing their numbers as words too! Can your child write all of the numbers to 20 as words? In their topic learning this week, the children have been learning about animal groups. They have thought carefully about the features of different groups of animals. Can your child share with you what they have learnt? Another amazing week of learning for our Monsters Inc class!

The Incredibles have continued to learn about the 'The Gingerbread Man' in English as their key text this week. The children have used the text to create a story map to help them recite the story, blowing their teachers away with their oral recitals and remembering to use clear speaking voices. Well done! Can your child retell the story at home? Take a look on Class Dojo to find some examples of the children's amazing Gingerbread Man stories, we are sure that you will be impressed! In maths, the children have learnt to represent numbers to 100. They enjoyed using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to make two digit numbers. We are also very impressed with the children's enthusiasm towards Numbots and it is great to hear the children are accessing it at home too - please let your class teacher know if you are having problems logging on. The children have become Scientists in topic this week. They used their knowledge of animal groups to decide which animals may or may not lay eggs. Keep up the hard work Year 2!

A wonderful week all round. We are so proud of all of the children at Hamilton Academy and once again a huge thank you to all of our parents and carers for your support at entry and dismissal times.

Keep up the wonderful work children, we will see you all again on Monday for another exciting week.

Mrs Glaister and Mrs Robinson