Let’s take a look at what the children have been up to this week…


The 'rainbow stars' have completed their first week in Nursery and we are really proud of how well they have settled into their new class. The story of the week has been 'The Mixed up Chameleon' and the children have enjoyed discussing with their partners all of the animals they saw in the story. In maths this week the children have been able to find the 2D shape that their teacher has described - what clever Nursery stars! They have also been playing I-spy and finding 2D shapes in the Nursery classroom. The number of the week has been the number two and the children have been finding two objects and having a go at writing the number two. In 'Lets Create' the children have been getting very messy and mixing two colours to make one, they found that white and red make pink and blue and yellow make green.


This week the children have enjoyed sharing the story ‘The Jolly Postman’. They have painted their own post boxes for the class and Mrs Bromage shared some of her own postcards that she had received, for the children to learn about why we might send a postcard. Following this, the children worked hard to write their own postcards. The children have thoroughly enjoyed making potions this week and talking about what their potion does, they have amazing imaginations! In the construction area the children have been looking at what material is best to build a house, while looking at the ‘Three Little Pigs’ tale. What a busy week!


This week in Year One, the children have been exploring life through the eyes of Beegu, after her spaceship had crashed. The children wrote a letter to Beegu’s parents describing what she could see around her. The children and their teachers really hope that their letters will help Beegu to get home to her parents safely! In maths this week, the children have explored adding to twenty. Can your child show you how they have learnt to add two numbers that make a number greater than ten? The children are really looking forward to moving on to subtraction within twenty next week. In their topic learning this week, the children have been exploring the properties of a wide range of materials. The children have looked at flexible, sturdy, waterproof, hard and soft materials. Can you identify these materials with your child at home?


This week in Year Two the Incredibles have continued to recite the story ‘Traction Man’. They have learned a new writing skill this week, using suffix -ly. Can your child explain why we use suffix -ly words? The children have also showcased their amazing writing skills by writing the ‘Traction Man’ story, what amazing authors they are! In maths this week, the children have loved learning about division using a variety of strategies to solve problems. Can your child explain what division is? In topic the children have thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of builders and have begun to think about ‘why do builders use paint?’ The children loved completing a science experiment to investigate the effect paint has on different materials and were able to discuss what happened based on their observations.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Glaister and Mrs. Robinson