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W.E. 05.03.21

Happy Friday and three cheers for those completing the last day of home learning! All of the staff at Hamilton Academy are thrilled to be welcoming the children back to school on Monday. The classrooms are ready and the teachers are well prepared, waiting to safely welcome all of the children through their classroom doors. We cannot wait to hear the sound of all of the Hamilton children completing their learning as we walk through the corridors from Monday.

This week we have celebrated World Book Day and the children, whether in school or at home, have participated in special story times with their teachers to mark the occasion.  All of the children looked so pleased to take part, demonstrating their excellent listening skills and showing off their funky pyjamas!

Let’s take a look at the learning that has been taking place both in school and at home this week across the school…

The children in Nursery have been very busy this week searching for signs of Spring. The children at home have sent in some wonderful photographs, sharing new buds growing and different flowers the children have seen when out on their walks. In Forest school, the children in school have searched for signs of Spring around the school. They found some furry buds growing on the willow arches and some tulip bulbs growing by the year 2 playground. In maths this week, Nursery have been recognising numbers and they have even been having a go at writing them. What superstars we have in Nursery! The children were very excited to act out the story of the Little Red Hen on World book day and enjoyed listening to their teachers read different stories whilst wearing their Pyjamas. During topic time the children learnt all about where milk comes from and enjoyed drinking milk during snack time. The children in school talked about how nice it will be to welcome back their friends next week. It will be lovely to see them again.

This week the Dalmatian children have been on a ‘Spring hunt’ outside. They used their magnet eyes and listening ears to look and listen for signs of Spring. The children spotted birds, insects, buds growing on trees, daffodils and seedlings. They talked about new life, what baby animals might be born in Spring and made some comparisons between Spring and Autumn. They then applied their new knowledge in their writing and wrote super captions and sentences about their Spring hunt. In topic lessons this week, the Dalmatians have learned about the lifecycle of a chick and made their own representations of chicks using mixed media. In their maths learning, the children have been learning about 2D shapes and using words such as 'flat' 'sides' 'straight/curved' and 'corners' to describe the shape's properties. They have enjoyed exploring 2D shapes in their environment and using sticks to make the shapes in Forest School. Another fantastic week of learning! The Reception teachers cannot wait to see all of the Dalmatians in school next week!

The Dinosaurs have blown their teachers socks off this week! The children have impressed their teachers once again with their MAGIC attitudes to learning. In their English learning, the children in school and at home have been innovating the story of ‘Honey and Trouble’. The children really impressed the Year One teachers with their ability to innovate a character in their new story! What creative authors we have in Year One! In maths, the children have been comparing numbers within 100! The children are certainly getting used to working with those larger numbers. The Dinosaurs found numbers to 100 on a number line, a place value chart and EVEN managed to order numbers within 100. In their topic learning, the children have been learning about their final continent… Antarctica! I am sure your child could tell you lots of facts about Antarctica. In their science learning, the children have been learning to identify evergreen and deciduous trees. Can your child tell you the difference between the two types of trees? The children have also found time this week to complete Music, History and PSHE learning. What a fantastically busy week you have had Dinosaurs! Keep up the amazing work as you return to the classroom next week… Your teachers cannot wait to see you again! Miss Bailey and Mrs Harrison have one final challenge for you Dinosaurs… Can you remember our three rules? To be ready, respectful and safe! See you on Monday morning!

In maths, the Year Two children have continued to develop their understanding of money this week. They have shown a super understanding of how to use addition to add different coins and notes and have learned how subtraction can help them when giving change. In English, the children have continued to innovate the story 'The Marriage of Ganesh' and have begun writing their innovated stories using Y2 skills. Can your child share with you what the Y2 writing skills are? It has been great to see (both at home and in school) children engaging in their topic lessons this week. In science, the children have continued to develop their knowledge of habitats and have explored 'microhabitats'. Can your child explain what a microhabitat is? We have loved seeing your own microhabitats on Class Dojo! In music, the children have learned about 'pitch' and identifying instruments which make high pitched sounds. The children have continued to learn about the importance of personal hygiene, focusing on hand washing. We were very impressed at the children's fantastic hand washing techniques! As we reach the final week of remote learning the Y2 team just wanted to say a big well-done to you all (including grown-ups) for all of your hard work, perseverance and resilience over the last few weeks of remote learning - it's not been easy! We are very proud of you all and we can't wait to see you back at school next week!

Another fantastic week for the Hamilton Academy children. Give yourselves a huge WHOOSH children! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the key worker parents and carers who have continued their work during this uncertain time and we would also like to thank those parents and carers that have supported the children in continuing their learning from home. Your hard work throughout this time has been greatly appreciated and the teachers have been in awe every day of the amazing work that the children have been producing. By working together, we tackled the challenge of using Microsoft Teams to ‘Meet and Greet’ every morning and the teachers have thoroughly enjoyed doing this alongside completing the story times.  Although this time has been uncertain, the children have shown their MAGIC attitudes every step of the way. We are so proud of all of the children at Hamilton Academy for working their socks off, through all of the change that they have experienced! We can’t wait to see their MAGIC attitudes continue to shine through in school too.

Don’t forget to read the updated parent’s handbook that has been shared via the School Story on ClassDojo. All of the information you will need, including drop off and collection times, is shared in this document.

We hope that you are able to enjoy a well-deserved rest this weekend,

See you ALL on Monday!

Mrs Moran, Mrs Glaister and Mrs Robinson