Another week has flown by at Hamilton Academy and we have been amazed with all of the learning that has taken place! Let’s find out what our amazing children have been up to this week:


The nursery children have been busy this week helping Jake and Tizzy to understand positional language. Jake and Tizzy were hiding in the classroom and the children had to find them. They were hiding in, on, and under different things. It was very hard to find Tizzy because he hid in the cupboard. During continuous provision the children used Hamilton bear and had a go at putting him in, on and under the box. The children were very good at demonstrating and explaining about positional language. On Thursday we had a visitor, Nursery have been learning how to stay safe around school and Mike the Lollipop man came into class to talk to the children about crossing the road safely. He showed the children how to stand safely and ‘stop, look and listen’ for any cars. Then the children acted out how to cross the road in front of Mike walking safely. It was lovely to see the children so enthusiastic to ask him questions.


The boys and girls in reception have continued with their super heroes topic. In music, they have been exploring different instruments and the sounds they make, linking them to onomatopoeic words, such as bang, pop, boom. Then then used their super segmenting skills in English to write these words, onto comic strip templates. What fun! In maths, they continued learning to add two numbers together, this time drawing pictures to help find the answer. Can your child do this at home? Dalmatians have also been investigating light; exploring torches, mirrors, different materials and sharing key vocabulary. Can your child remember what they did?


The Year 1 Dinosaurs have been exploring different parts of the world with Sunny the Meerkat this week, focussing on the features of the exotic rainforest! The children have used amazing adjectives to describe this particular setting and then included them within full written sentences. Their teachers are so proud of them! In Maths, the children have been introduced to subtraction and have used a range of methods to solve subtraction problems up to 20. In Topic, the children have used feedback from their peers to improve their drawings of sunflowers in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. We definitely have some artists of the future in Year 1!


The Year 2's learning has taken them back to the year 1666 this week! Baker, Thomas Farriner, visited the children this week with a baking tray full of smoky, burnt cakes. The children developed their excellent communication skills by asking him questions to find out who he was and how his cakes had burnt. This led to Thomas telling the children all about the events of the Great Fire of London. Our clever Scientists then explored and compared the materials of houses now compared to houses during the time of the Great Fire of London to help them to understand why the fire spread so quickly. In maths, the children have been exploring a range of methods to add up two, two digit numbers. These methods included using Numicon, drawing tens and ones sticks and using column addition! What a super week, keep it up!


Our school council have also welcomed the Lord Mayor to school this week as part of Democracy week. They held a democratic vote with the Lord Mayor and showed the Lord Mayor around the school grounds to look at our development work. Finally, the Lord Mayor attended a whole school assembly. The Lord Mayor was very impressed and she has sent the school a thank you email which you can read on the website. In addition, all classes have created ‘Communication’ certificates and voted to find a class winner. Two year 2 children also attended an event with Mrs Keeling at the Civic Centre. They are going to share their learning from this event with the rest of the school next week.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend.

Very best wishes,

Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Glaister & Mrs Robinson