Let’s find out what our amazing children have been up this week:


This week our Nursery stars have been a rowdy bunch of pirate's! We have listened to the story 'Pirates Love Underpants' using our best pirate voices to retell the story and joined in with Rod Stewart's song 'We are sailing'. In maths we have been learning about capacity using the language 'full, empty, half full and half empty'. We have also been looking at different types of transport deciding whether they travel on land, sea or air - introducing key vocabulary 'tracks, flying, sailing and driving'. In PE this week we have been playing a pirate game where the children have to listen to instructions' all aboard, pirate ship or walk the plank'. We have also been thinking about the people we love in time for Valentine’s Day and have been making finger print love heart pictures.


Dalmatians have had a fantastic last week of half term this week. They have wowed their teachers with their fantastic writing skills and rewritten the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ using the talk for writing story maps that they have learnt. Ask your child to perform it for you at home and prepare to be amazed! The children have continued their vocabulary of money by role playing a shop and deciding what items to buy and then extended their learning by adding the amounts of money together. They have celebrated Valentine’s Day and made cards and flower bouquets in the creative area also learning about why it is special and why we celebrate it. In ‘Wild Wednesday’ this week the children were exploring the area and problem solving, learning to work together. We hope you have a wonderful half term holiday and we will see you after the half term break.


The amazing Dinosaurs of Year 1 have continued with some fantastic history learning this week, exploring the significance of Reginald Mitchell and the Spitfire to the local area. The children have been exchanging emails with children from Hamilton Academy to ask each other further questions to help with their research of Reginald Mitchell! In English, the children have continued to work on punctuating questions with question marks and have written some lovely questions using special ‘question words’. Ask your children what they are! The children have continued to be brilliant mathematicians this week by using a variety of practical and written methods to solve subtraction problems!


The children have had a fantastic week in Year Two and all of the teachers are so proud of the children, as always. In English, the children have been learning to use ICT alongside their handwritten work to write a fact file about cobras. Towards the end of the week, the children used their improving communication skills to share the importance of e-safety to their peers in the style of a news report. We definitely think that we have some budding reporters in the Year Two classes! In Maths this week the children have worked hard to interpret different types of diagrams. They looked at block diagrams, pictographs and tally charts. The children were able to read these diagrams and create mathematical worded sentences to show their understanding of the different types of diagrams. In Topic this week, the children created their own drawings of elephants, inspired by artist John Dyer. Some children even moved on to sketching Indian houses inspired by The Elephant Dance story.  We hope that the children have a lovely break and look forward to seeing the children after the half term!  Well done Incredibles! 

A huge thank you to all parents that attended Parents Evening on Wednesday. It is vital that teachers and grown-ups communicate to celebrate the successes of children and to help our brilliant children become even more brilliant!


We are proud of the achievements of all of our children this half term and can’t wait to see what is in store after the week’s break. Keep safe!


Very best wishes,

Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Glaister & Mrs Robinson