Let’s see what our children have been up to this week:


This week in the Nursery saw some new visitors to our class - the children now have some pet snails to look after! The children have had lots of discussion on how to care for them and they decided they needed food, water and somewhere to sleep. Our story of the week was 'What the Ladybird Heard' and the children were able to recall the story in great detail. The Nursery still have their caterpillars and the children have been discussing how they have changed, making their own caterpillar diary. In PE this week the children have been thinking about how a mini beast would move around the hall - would they be fast or slow? Would they have wings or legs? The children's favourite mini beast was the snail, where they had to crawl along the floor with a cone on their back. This week was our 'Ugly Bug Ball' and everyone looked fantastic in their costumes. The Nursery enjoyed playing a variety of party games and performing our 'ugly bug' dance. 


There was a very exciting start to the week in Reception. The children followed instructions to make a gingerbread man but it wasn't a regular gingerbread man! The children used a range of cutters to make an innovated gingerbread man. In Writing, the children used their new character in their own story. On Tuesday, the children made rafts in Forest School; it is lovely to stand back and watch the children confidently working as teams!


The Year 1 Dinosaurs have concluded their work on the story ‘Wild’ this week. They have planned and written some lovely endings to the story, adding some amazing adjectives to put their own personal twist on it. In maths, the children have been exploring position and direction, using physical objects to help them to describe their locations using key vocabulary. In science, the dinosaurs have been looking at the features of birds, fish, mammals, amphibians and reptiles and grouping them accordingly. Ask your child the differences between each animal group; we are sure you will be amazed by their answers!


This week in Year Two the children have been working hard as always! In their maths learning the children have moved on to learning key vocabulary for their next unit on measuring in different ways. In English this week, the children have been describing the BFG in lots of different ways too. The children have really impressed their teachers using their communication skills to role play the characters in the story. The children used their role play to help them to understand how the BFG would feel, move and look. This will certainly help them to write their character descriptions in their English lessons next week. In topic this week the children have been using their design skills to create a dream catcher inspired by the BFG. The children should be extremely proud, they looked stunning! It has been a wonderful week in Year Two and the children have really been trying their best to complete all of their work to the highest standard! Well done Year Two! 


We hope you enjoy your weekend.

Very best wishes,

Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Glaister & Mrs Robinson