Let’s see what our children have been up to this week:


Nursery have been very busy learning the words to the songs for the nativity concert. They have done very well remembering the words to the songs, you will be amazed when you listen to them sing and perform on the stage. In maths this week they have been discussing size using the key text Owl Babies. They talked about which owl was the biggest, bigger than, small, smallest and tallest and ordered them according to their size. The children also used positional language to say if the teddy was hiding in, on or under the box. In English the children warmed their fingers up to the new baby shark dough disco and then traced over their names on their Christmas cards. The children also enjoyed finding numbers in the water tray and getting messy in the dinosaur swamp (cornflour mixed with brown paint). There was some super language used to describe the feel of the swampy gloop. One of our nursery children said it felt 'sloppy, drippy and squashy.' What a wonderful week of learning in nursery this week!


This week we have been sharing the story ‘Stickman’. The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and have been sharing it independently in the reading area. In maths, we have been working on number bonds to 5 and using a part, part, whole model to support with this. The children have started to practise the Christmas production this week, please help them with their lines that have been sent home and don’t forget to send in their outfits as soon as you can. In forest school, the children have started to prepare the mudslide and look forward to having fun on this in the last week, please send in waterproof clothes.

This week in Y1 the Dinosaurs have been using adjectives to describe characters from the key text ‘Lost and Found’. They have used these skills to create a story map and wowed their teachers using adjectives when reciting the story. In maths Y1 have continued to develop their learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Can you ask your child what shapes they know? In gymnastics we have been learning to balance on different types of equipment, we had lots of fun! In topic, the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about hot and cold parts of the world in geography. The children were able to use key vocabulary such; North Pole, South Pole and Equator.


This week the Y2 children have worked ‘incredibly’ hard completing a special reading quiz using their inference and comprehension skills. The children independently read different texts and worked hard to answer the questions. Can you support your child at home to build on their comprehension skills? In maths the children have continued building on their knowledge of money and have looked at adding and subtracting amounts and even giving change! In topic, the children have been thinking carefully about disabilities in PSHE. We enjoyed learning sign language and we could even sign our name!


Thank you for all of your donations towards the school fayre. It is much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you there on Wednesday!


Have a lovely weekend.

Very best wishes,

Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Glaister & Mrs Robinson