‘If you can dream it you can do it, now go out there and change the world!’ Walt Disney


Every child experiences the very best, broadest education, so that regardless of background they excel academically; develop as a whole person socially and have magical experiences to enjoy every opportunity in life.




Our teachers create an environment that focuses on pupils and we have embedded character education, through Disney, to ensure important core ethical values such as caring, honesty, fairness, responsibility and respect for self and others becomes established. Our pupils ‘live’ the academy’s MAGIC learning behaviours, Motivation, positive Attitude, Gumption, Independence and Communication, which are intertwined within our MAGICal curriculum. Our pupils demonstrate a love of learning and they are eager to contribute to all aspects of school life.


Reading is the key to success in life and allows every child to unlock beauty of the world. Every child regardless of starting point receives the highest standard of phonics education with skilled Read Write Inc teachers and high quality resources. Our children develop knowledge and skills in writing and reading comprehension via the Focus curriculum - a whole school consistent literature based curriculum with the highest quality texts selected as a basis of teaching English, science, history, geography, DT and Art. Every child develops a love of reading through; school and class library time and by being read to at story time every day.


We want children to leave our school as confident mathematicians with high levels of fluency, with secure understanding of number and we have selected the power maths curriculum as an approach with high levels of use and application of context driven maths. Supplemented by a fluency curriculum derived from Assertive mentoring and TT Rock stars. Children benefit from daily overlearning to embed knowledge in long-term memory and reduce cognitive load. We follow the sequence from power maths and introduce new learning so that it builds on prior teaching in order that children understand new concepts. Teacher’s consistency use modelling to support the learning of new concepts and children are given a significant amount of time to consolidate new learning through practise. Throughout the lesson feedback is ongoing to extend children where appropriate or to give teachers opportunities to address misconceptions.


We want children to be excited about science and consider themselves as mini scientists, well equipped with knowledge, skills and in particular scientific vocabulary. We use Focus curriculum to sequence the learning in science, which links to a high quality text in order to bring the learning to life. Science lessons always include overlearning to embed their learning and include a mixture of experimentation, investigation, recording and analysis. As much as possible we try to ensure scientific teaching is practical and utilises school facilities outside and the local community through trips and visits.


We bring history to life for our children to help them to understand it, to make links and to understand their place in history. Our history curriculum is sequenced using the Focus curriculum and links together new historical knowledge, exciting age appropriate texts and significant people and events. As often as possible, we provide children with experiences or take them on trips to increase their understanding. We want our children to be confident in discussing history and enthusiastic about the subject that they have learned.


We want children to understand the world around them and to have high levels of understanding of geographical vocabulary, knowledge and skills. We try to make geography come to life through providing real experiences and by linking to high quality texts.


Our music is sequenced through Charanga and we want all children to be music makers and performers. We aim that all children have a secure foundation of musical knowledge and understand rhythm, pitch and have had an opportunity to compose.


We see P.E lessons as being only part of our provision for all children to have a healthy lifestyle. Children follow a progressive scheme, The Power of P.E with an emphasis on keeping active and learning physical literacy. This curriculum runs alongside an extensive provision including golden mile, skipping and a range of activities available for children at break and lunchtimes. We want children to be independently healthy, making healthy choices and enjoying physical activity.


We want children to be excited about computing and enthusiastic, but also able to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We want to build digital literacy for our children so they are well prepared for when they move on to the junior school. We sequence their learning through the Teach Computing curriculum and children have the opportunity to work on laptops and iPads to build their skills across different devices.


We aim for our children to be respectful and tolerant of everyone, especially as the community around them is becoming more diverse. Our R.E lessons, which follow the Stoke on Trent agreed syllabus, builds knowledge of religious traditions, celebrations, stories and values.


PSHE is not just a lesson; it also underpins the ethos of the school. We approach it through our MAGIC curriculum, which teaches and celebrates our children’s motivation, attitudes, gumption, independence and communication skills in conjunction with weekly PHSE lessons and ad hoc interventions by teachers to address or resolve any issues that have arisen. Throughout the school, we aim that children understand the British values of tolerance, mutual respect, liberty, democracy and the rule of law.

Art and Design

Every child regardless of gender, ability or background will have the opportunity to experiment with, develop an understanding of and become skilful in a range of art techniques including colour, texture, shape, line space, form and pattern. Children will learn about a range of artists and have opportunities to design and create a range of artwork. Children’s artwork will be celebrated within our school environment through engaging art displays.

Design and Technology

Our children will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to engage in an interactive process of design and making through a variety of creative and practical activities. Using creativity and imagination, children design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others needs. They acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and draw on the areas of learning such as mathematics, science, computing and art. Our children learn to take risks, be resourceful and innovative. They routinely evaluate their design and their end product.


“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"

Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh

“I like RWI because I learn new sounds.” Isabelle

“I use my Goofy Gumption and I like to write. I write lots now I’m in Year 1.” Pippa

“I like Power Maths because it’s a challenge. I use my Incredible Independence.” Leighton

“I like solving number sentences in power Maths.” Ted

“I think Hamilton is special and I like my teacher.” Isobelle

“I like English because you get to do lots of writing.” Freya

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