Maths Workshop

YR - Mercury:

"I have really enjoyed watching Alfie learn Maths. He has some on so much since starting Reception and it is great to see him learning and engaging in all of the different activities that are available to aid their learning."

J Walker.

YR - Venus:

"A really interesting and fun session. It makes learning so much easier and caters for every ability."

J. Prendergast

Y1 - Mars

"I think it is great how parents get to come to see things like this. I have really enjoyed watching Amelia learn and getting involved in her learning at school."

S.E. Morris

Y1 - Saturn

"It was lovely to see how Maths is taught to Isabelle and how we can be involved."

K.E. Cliff

Y2 - Neptune

"It was useful to see how Finlay works in his Big Maths quiz and being able to help with this at home."

T. Durose

Y2 - Jupiter

"I really enjoyed watching Lily working out her Big Maths quiz."

S. Carrigan

Maths Activities

"My child enjoyed rolling the dice and finding the correct number. great activities to join in with."

"Really enjoyed seeing how all the children learn Maths. It has given me tips to use at home!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the Maths workshop! It has been good to see the way they are taught 'one less' and I will be able to use the same words and techniques at home now."

"Enjoyed using the fun different methods of counting."

"I found the session very fun and the children really enjoyed the outdoor Maths session."

"Enjoyed the outdoor Maths activities with my child. She used my fingers to help her to work out the number sentences."

“Our children are really progressing well at Hamilton and we are very happy with the teachers. The school seems much more professional of late, the sense of care and loving for the children is still ever-present though. The Christmas concerts were fantastic too, the DVD certainly made for some comical viewing!!

I also look forward to attending the “Daddy's Day” again this year. It was great to spend time with my child in class, I ended up with 6 children sitting around us whilst I read them a story. Quite bizarre to be honest however thoroughly enjoyable. Keep up the good work!”  (02/2015)

Magical Maths

“Just to say a big thank you to the whole Magical Maths team.

Kayla has thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, her favourite weeks were when the Mathletes were there and the week they bought home the mind reading activities.  

She was quite nervous the first week of what to expect but came home full of excitement for the course and said "it wasn't scary at all"

We look forward to the next course and I hope you do one at the junior school her sister attends to as am sure Lily would love it too.

“Ella absolutely loved magical maths!! Unfortunately she missed today's as she had been on a visit to her new school for the day and came out of there with a headache :-( but the past 5 weeks she has absolutely loved!!! She has left the club full of excitement and stories and has loved sharing with me what she has learnt!!

This club is well worth the money and I want to say thank you for getting my daughter excited about maths!!!!!! Thank you very much :-)

“Olivia has thoroughly enjoyed the magical maths club that she has been taking part in at school, it seems to have really grabbed her attention & we have all loved listening to her tell us about what she has been doing especially the mind reading session J  she was really sad  that she couldn’t make the final session as they had bump up day at her new school but has her fingers crossed that maybe magical maths may go to that school one time!

Thanks for a magical experience from Olivia”

Kai's really enjoyed magical maths. Every week hes learned something and it's been fun.  Kai had bump up day today so was at grove so couldn't come to magical maths, and we are on holiday next week. He would definitely be interested in the next one.