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                                                  Welcome to Fantasia

Welcome to Fantasia Class. This page is to introduce you to the staff who will be working with your child and to keep you informed of the exciting and magical things that we do in Nursery. Nursery as a whole is called Fantasia class and has 2 key worker groups; Green Mickey and Yellow Mickey Group. 


Nursery is where your child starts their magical learning journey


                                        Meet the Nursery Team



                                                                                                       Miss Shingler                      Mrs Bromage                      


Please take the time to explore our page where you will find lots of important information about your child's learning.


In our class, we encourage the children to be; 


We are always ready to learn.

We are patient and we pay attention so that we can be super learners!


We look after each other and the school property.

We take care in all that we do.


We listen carefully so that we are safe at all times.

We use our kind hands and we follow the instructions all of the time.


Autumn 1:

For the Autumn 1 half term we will be enjoying the topic 'Who lives in my house?


Click on the image below to listen to the core text that we will be basing lots of our learning on... 


The Large Family: Murphy, Jill, Murphy, Jill, Margolyes,  Miriam: 9781406320022: Books



                                                                                 Five Minute's Peace by Jill Murphy (The Large Family) – Gobbledy Books








   This half term we will be learning to...

Talk about who lives in our house and our family. .

Learn to follow rules and routines using our 3 school rules. Making relationships and learning to share and take turns.

Look for signs of Autumn , looking at changes in our environment, becoming explorers as we investigate our environment and natural surroundings. in the nursery garden and at forest school. We will use our senses in hands on exploration of natural materials.

In our Enrichment sessions, we will be taking part in sound pots sessions , exploring sounds and using different instruments. We will move and dance to different genres of music including different cultures.


Autumn  2:

For the Autumn 2 half term we will be enjoying the topic 'Where does the day go at night?'


Click on the image below to listen to the core text that we will be basing lots of our learning on... 

Owl Babies

Songs we will be singing over this half term.

 Sleeping bunnies

 Wind your bobbin up

Five little men in a flying saucer

 Sing a song of sixpence

 If you are happy and you know it

 Jingle Bells  

 Rudolph the red nosed reindeer


This half term we will be learning to...


Exploring emotions and how they might make us feel.

Learning about the differences about night and day and what sounds we might hear at night.

Identifying pattern and in maths solving mathematical problems up to 5 and subitising where we will develop fast recognition of up to 3 objects without having to count them...

imitating shapes and making marks to represent our name.

Develop our own ideas and decide which materials to use to express them.

Take part in a Christmas celebration and concert.



Communication and Language

Working on building your child’s communication and language is at the heart of everything we do in Nursery.


We are working hard in Nursery to improve communication by developing our speaking and listening skills. We will be continuing to share and learn different action rhymes, stories and songs.


Each week, we will set homework on Class Dojo. Our story and rhyme of the week will be set as homework to help develop their communication and language at home too. We love to see homework completed each week!


Please click here to find our Autumn term newsletter with information about our topics and key dates this term. 



If you do have any queries or need any further support then please don't hesitate to message your child's class teacher via Class dojo.


Helpful Links

Dough Disco-


Dough Disco Funky Feet -



Why not try some of these outdoor activities?





    How can you help your child at home?

Support them to use their cutlery.

Encourage them to put on their own coat and shoes/wellies.

Use the toilet independently and how to wash their hands.

Read a story at bedtime and discuss what is happening in the pictures.  

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You could also use the above Apps to support your child's learning at home.